A La Carte (1/17)

I woke up this morning and realized that the house seemed a little bit cold. I checked the weather and saw that it’s currently 19 degrees below freezing and, with wind chill, 26 degrees below. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 3 degrees above with a bit of rain. Canada has weird weather.

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Facebook Hype Will Fade – Here’s an interesting article on CNN forecasting the end of Facebook’s dominance. “This week’s news that Goldman Sachs has chosen to invest in Facebook while entreating others to do the same should inspire about as much confidence as their investment in mortgage securities did in 2008. For those who weren’t watching, that’s when Goldman got rich betting against the investments it was selling.”

What McNuggets Contain – You may have read one of the articles discussing what is inside a Chicken McNugget (saying, for example, that they are 56% corn, that they have an ingredient in common with Silly Putty, etc). This article suggests a surprising answer: chicken.

Who Pays for your Spouse’s Sin? – That’s the question Rick Thomas asks in this article. “Let’s suppose my wife, Lucia, sins and I get angry with her as a response to her sin. In such a case, which sadly is how it goes in our home from time to time, I would be punishing her for her sin. I would be acting as ‘God’ by demanding justice, while completely missing the Gospel.”

Legal Christian Publishing in China – Desiring God has reprinted an article from a recent issue of The Banner of Truth Magazine. An “event has occurred that has gone almost completely unnoticed within the Christian community but has the potential of becoming a major milestone in the history of the church. About the year 2003 it became possible to legally publish some forms of Christian literature in the People’s Republic of China.”

You Still Can’t Trust Wikipedia – An interesting article from PC World on why Wikipedia still stinks: “Wikipedia at 10 is really no more trustworthy than it was at two, five, or eight years old. However, the reality is that this is how the world prefers its information now: interpreted through the prism of belief and self interest. We get our news from web sites, blogs and television networks that, whether stated or not, have a point of view. It’s not ‘The Truth.’ It’s ‘His Truth. Her Truth. Your Truth.’ Why should we expect our new primary source to be any different?”

Getting to the Heart of Parenting – The deal on Paul David Tripp’s DVD is coming to an end. Buy it now if you want to get it on the cheap.

Old Bible Found – This would pretty much make my day:

That tiny hill in that tiny land is the centre of all history, not only of this world, but of all the countless galaxies and island universes of outer space from eternity to eternity. –Paul Billheimer