A La Carte (12/16)

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MacArthur and Pragmatism
And while we’re talking about Johnny Mac, he’s continuing his series of articles with a look at the always-important subject of pragmatism.

Fools Rush In
Carl Trueman takes the blogosphere to the woodshed and for good reason. “Some weeks ago a friend forwarded me a link to the blog of an American Christian academic. Now, at the risk of protesting too much, I must stress that I don’t read blogs – I really don’t read blogs – unless, that is, they are sent to me by someone else. Sufficient to my own life is the tedium and banality contained therein; I really have no interest in compounding such with the tedium and banality contained in the lives of other people.”

The Princess and the Frog
Russell Moore provides a review of Disney’s newest movie. “As one who grew up right across the state line from New Orleans and spent most of my young life romping through its streets and marshes, I took my family to see Disney’s latest animated film “The Princess and the Frog,” set in the Crescent City and the bayous around it.”

Deal of the Day: Flip MinoHD
Amazon’s Gold Box deal today is the Flip MinoHD, one of those products that everyone seems to want this year. And they’ve got it at a great price.