A La Carte (3/21)

March Break is over (that’s Spring Break in the US of A) which means that we’re kind of into the final push here through to the end of the school year. Seeing as the school year doesn’t come to a close until June 30 this year, that’s a long push.

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Japan One Week Later – Another photo gallery from The Big Picture. Here are some amazing before and after satellite shots. And this is an incredible video of a car being engulfed by the tsunami.

3 Hymns – The Gettys have three free hymns for you to download and enjoy.

Loving the Pastor’s Wife – Mark Driscoll has an article on how to care for a pastor’s wife. “One of the most important and most overlooked people in a church is the pastor’s wife. She is usually not on the organizational chart, does not have a formal job title or job description, and is an unpaid volunteer. But her ministry can make or break her family and church.”

Flip HD – Amazon has the FlipHD on sale today (and today only); it’s always a popular item.

NY Times: Unfree at Last – This article tries to make sense of the NY Times’ new subscription plans. “See the NYT’s Publisher’s nearly impenetrable calculus in his letter to readers, dip into the lengthy FAQ, and finish with this buggy article in the paper’s otherwise excellent Media & Advertising. You may also want to peruse the 2141 reader comments. By itself, the number gives a temperature reading.”

The Places and Purposes of My Work – I enjoyed Timmy Brister’s article on the places he works in a week and the reasons that he works in each of those places.

Bridges Books on Sale – Monergism is offering several Jerry Bridges books at a pretty good discount. They’ve also got Kelly Kapic’s new book (which I’ve heard great things about) and a few other things on sale.

Could You Land a 747? – You know you’ve always wondered. “Possibly, but only with a lot of luck and some autopilot assistance. Amateurs have landed smaller private planes after the pilot became incapacitated, but outside of 1970s disaster movies, it has never happened with a commercial passenger aircraft.”

Of all the awkward people in your house or job there is only one whom you can improve very much. –C.S. Lewis