A La Carte (6/9)

Master Scripture Index for New Studies in Biblical Theology
I can’t imagine how long this took. Andy Naselli has compiled a master Scripture index for the entire series “New Studies in Biblical Theology.”

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How Tim Keller Found Manhattan
CT writes about Tim Keller in their most recent issue. “Standing 6’4″, with a bald head, glasses, and a coat and tie, Keller, 58, does not look hip. Nor is his sermon funny, charming, or daring. He preaches from the first chapter of Genesis, on the doctrine of Creation.”

‘CheneyMan’ And ‘SuperFrau’
“The extent to which we’re in an Age of Worship can be gleaned from a howler at the D-Day commemoration, in which Gordon Brown–woefully overpromoted as Britain’s prime minister–referred to Omaha Beach as “Obama Beach.””

A Review of My Book
Mary Kassian has posted a kind review of The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment.

Life and Death
Here is an interesting article from WORLD Magazine. ” The death peddlers here and abroad seek to remove legal protection from pro-life doctors who refuse to perform abortion, refer for abortion, or participate in euthanasia. Euphemisms like “reproductive freedom,” the “right to choose,” and “death with dignity” justify the assault on our patient’s lives and our rights of conscience. But in the midst of this inversion of right and wrong, pro-life doctor groups worldwide are banding together to form a Hippocratic Registry of Physicians. ”