A La Carte (8/27)

Biblia – From the folks at Logos: “Introducing the Biblia.com beta release: a super-simple Bible for the web that’s backed up by the incredible technology (and massive library!) of Logos Bible Software. What makes Biblia.com so cool?” You’ll have to read the post to find out…

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A Good Monkey – I found this review of a new documentary a great commentary on society (not to mention a great reminder of why we cut cable a few years back): “Anew Michael Jackson documentary airing this weekend is not about his music, or his family. It’s not about his strange private life, or the criminal and civil allegations that dogged him for his last 15 years. It’s about a monkey.”

How Did EPM Begin, Part 2 – Randy Alcorn continues telling the tale of how Eternal Perspectives Ministry began.

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