A La Carte (9/10)

John Piper Quotes – Here’s another round-up of funny quotes from John Piper. Here’s a favorite (dealing with memorizing Scripture): “Which means you’ve gotta fight to learn these [verses] and memorize these things and have these verses tumbling around in your fore-frontal lobal brain part. Whatever that is.”

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Why They Cheat at Harvard – It’s a classic case of unmooring ethics from an unwavering standard. “We were so concerned by the results that, for the past six years, we have conducted reflection sessions at elite colleges, including Harvard. Again, we have found the students to be articulate, thoughtful, even lovable. Yet over and over again, we have also found hollowness at the core.” It’s a fascinating, if disheartening, read.

Pass312 – Here’s one for Canadians to consider. Here are the facts: “Canada’s Criminal code defines unborn children as non human beings! One brave MP Stephen Woodworth has brought forward Motion 312 in an attempt to evaluate that law and possibly change it. Every political party in Canada is opposing Motion 312.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear that he will vote against it.”

The Role of Singing – This is a long but thought-provoking article on the role of singing in the life of the church. “These reasons are: (1) to help us praise, (2) to help us pray, and (3) to help us proclaim. So let’s look at each of these in turn.”

Astronomy Photographer of the Year – Think Psalm 19.

You Don’t HAVE to Sin – As a Christian you literally never HAVE to sin (even when it feels like you will explode if you don’t). This is a glorious truth!

iPad Wallpapers – Here’s a way to pretty up your iPad for the autumn.

My happy conviction is that pastors ought not to be experts on everything. –John Piper