A La Carte (August 31)

This has been a bit of a slow stretch for Kindle deals. We will hope that things pick up with a new month.

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Westminster Books has a deal on a new book for pastors (and, if you click through, on some related resources).

When You Hear of a Scandal

Darryl Dash has some valuable advice on what to do when you hear of yet another scandal.

Talk about an Awkward Term

The awkward term, in this case, is abomination.

Though My Flesh May Fail: Reflections on Chronic Suffering from the Hospital Bed

Brett Fredenberg: “Amidst temptations to doubt, God continues to reveal His good purposes for me in my affliction. As I sit in my hospital bed today, three lessons stand out among the rest as reminders of the sovereignty of God’s grace and His goodness in my life.”

The Whole Story

I enjoyed this simple account of the way the Lord saved one of his people.

Is Double Predestination Biblical?

John Piper explains what is meant by “double predestination” and offers his take on it.

Only Use Authority in the Fear of God

“Is all authority abusive? Is all authority—by virtue of one person having power over another person—in its very nature, abusive? I ask these questions in a day when accounts of sad experiences with abusive pastors are all too common. ” Mark Dever considers an unpopular concept.

Flashback: That Time I Went After an Older, Godlier Man

While a right acknowledgement and right assessment of my youth should have constrained me, a total failure to acknowledge and assess my youth empowered me. And in my arrogance I launched a broadside against a good man.

If one is not faithful in an insignificant sphere he will not be faithful in a resounding sphere. —De Witt Talmage