A La Carte (August 4)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good selection, topped by a great book by Nancy Pearcey.

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Logos users will want to check out this list of monthly deals on key resources.

Westminster books has more than 200 titles on sale as part of their back to school sale.

The Man Converted through His Own Preaching

Sometimes the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Like when he saves a man through his own preaching.

The Weird, Vain History of Who’s Who Books

“On an average day floating through the press release service PR Newswire, it’s inevitable that you run into a list of people who are designated as new members of a who’s who list.” But it turns out it’s not really much of a distinction.

Church Video on a Budget

This might work well for churches, but it would work equally well for other contexts. Here’s how to get set up with video for a reasonable amount.

A Gospel Presentation in Every Sermon

This article includes three solid reasons to include a gospel presentation in every sermon.

Texting and Driving Is Not Loving Your Neighbor

This is a good way of thinking about it: “As Christians, putting the phone down and focusing on the road follows the gospel imperative to love your neighbor as yourself. Every car on the road is operated by a man or woman created in God’s image who has an eternal destiny.”

Rosaria Butterfield Weighs In

Denny Burk recently shared 4 stages of evangelical affirmation of gay marriage. Rosaria Butterfield wrote him to suggest one more.

Sexuality: God Creates, the World Corrupts

“Here is a phrase I often use when I teach young people about sex: God creates; the world corrupts. God creates food; the world corrupts the use of food. God creates relationships; the world corrupts and uses relationships in ways that were never intended. God creates sex and sexuality; the world corrupts it and turns it into something it was never meant to be.”

Flashback: Fractured Christians

To resent even the smallest part of God’s perfect, holy character is to resent all that God is.

Those who think too much of themselves don’t think enough. —Amy Carmichael