A La Carte (January 17)

Blessings to you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: It’s 2023 and We Need Blogs More Than Ever)

How a Christian Marriage Was Saved by a Wise Guerilla Leader

This is an account of how God worked through unusual means to preserve a marriage.

“I Must Decrease” … But How?

“It’s pretty clear: the world’s loud, incessant voice tells me that in order to be happy, I need to spend more of my time, money, and attention on myself. You’ve probably heard the same message about your need for this, as well.”

The Gospel Coalition Conference 2023

Join us September 25—27, Indianapolis, IN. With worship led by Sydney, Australia’s CityAlight and keynote speakers including John Piper, David Platt, Andrew Wilson, and many more, we’ll explore the theme, Hope in the Wilderness: Encouragement for Pilgrims from the Book of Exodus. Find out more about our theme, full lineup and breakouts. (Sponsored Link)

Eight Counsels for Those Thinking of Quitting

John Piper offers some counsel for those who may be considering quitting.

What is covenant theology? (Video)

You’ve probably heard of covenant theology and wondered what it’s all about. Sinclair Ferguson explains in this brief video.

A Light to My Path

“[The Bible] doesn’t lay out every step on our journey, but it gives us the light we need to take the next step, trusting in the Light, knowing that He not only knows every twist and turn in our path but also has intentionally and lovingly prepared the way for us.”

Flashback: For the Christian Who Is Afraid To Die

What we know of life after death we must know by faith. And what does the faithful heart believe about the experience of death? James Meikle beautifully tells us in these words.

It is one thing to attract a gaping crowd to witness a display of pulpit pyrotechny; it is quite another thing to attract and to hold attentive listeners to the gospel of life. —Theodore Cuyler