A La Carte (July 11)

Good morning and happy Monday!

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I am away this week so will not be updating Kindle deals very often. Beyond that it will be business as usual. That said, there are some good ones there today.

(Yesterday on the blog: How We Worshipped)


This article deals with sorrows and hope, with fear and faith.

You Are Not a Slave to Sin—Even if You Feel Like One

“Imagine yourself travelling down a long country road. Looking ahead, on one side you see a high chain link fence, and on the other you see an open field. As you drive closer, you can see people behind the fence and people in the field.” This opens quite a helpful illustration for our relationship to sin.

Making and Keeping Friends in Ministry

“Ideas of friendship will undoubtedly vary from person to person. Some may define friendship in terms of common interests, common enemies, or shared experiences. I imagine for you, like me, friendships in your own life come in all shapes and sizes. This has been the case throughout history.”

Three Signs of False Teachers

It is important to be able to spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “When a wolf looks at sheep, what does he see? Food. His motivation for getting close to sheep is not to care for their needs or protect them from danger; it’s to feed on them. But in order to get close to sheep, a wolf employs deceptive tactics to keep the sheep from discerning his dangerous presence before he can achieve his aims.”

Idols of the heart and “Vanity Fair”

CCEF has shared one of David Powlison’s classic journal articles titled “Idols of the Heart and ‘Vanity Fair.’” It’s a long read, but a rewarding one.

Isn’t Christianity just an oppressive set of rules?

“Whenever I ask someone with no experience of church what they think a Christian is, they usually tell me that they think a Christian is someone who tries to be good. Someone who follows a complex set of rules to try and obey their God. It is easy to see why people get that impression.” I’m so thankful our faith is so much more than that!

Flashback: Are You Living Worthy of the Gospel?

We need to live in such a way that we enhance the reputation of the gospel and the Christ of the gospel. We must not do anything that damages its reputation.

A passion to preach without a discipline to prepare is just a desire to perform. —H.B. Charles Jr.