A La Carte (June 22)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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I scrounged up a trio of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: My Anchor Holds)

A Life On The Frontier

I think you’ll enjoy reading this latest article by Chris Thomas.

Was the Trinity Torn Apart at the Cross?

Was the Trinity torn apart at the cross when Jesus cried “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Jonty Rhodes provides an answer here.

The Bird with a Leaf in Her Mouth

Jared Wilson: “We very much need to remember this gospel hope of a restored body and a restored creation through the work of Christ. We need to remember it every day because life is not easy. And God keeps calling us into difficult circumstances, into times of suffering and hardship.”

Pastors: Why Your Local Influence is More Essential than a National Platform

This is a timely reminder that, for pastors, local influence matters more than national platform. “Pastor A has a top-ranked podcast, a book deal from a well-known publisher, and 150,000 Twitter followers. Pastor B is the treasurer at the local Rotary Club, is the assistant football coach at the middle school, and recently joined a bowling league. Both pastors have influence. Both are doing God’s will. Both enjoy their callings. I will make a bold statement: Pastor B’s local influence is ultimately more vital to church health than Pastor A’s national platform.”

Are Christian Parents Too Protective of Their Children?

I have often thought about the way many Christians parents can be too protective of their children, which then leaves them under-equipped when they begin to hear challenges to the faith.

Who Is the Disciple Jesus Loved?

Who is the disciple Jesus loved? And why did he refer to himself that way. John Piper explains here.

Who Was William Jennings Bryan?

Justin Taylor has an excellent little biographical sketch of William Jennings Bryan.

Flashback: How To Distinguish True Zeal from False Zeal

Zeal will cause a Christian to face dangers that seem insurmountable or enemies that seem impossible to defeat. It is a fire that burns even stronger when fanned by hostility.

Those who will not be persuaded now to fly to the arms of divine grace, which are stretched out to receive them, will not be able to flee from the arms of divine wrath, which will shortly be stretched out to destroy them. —Matthew Henry