A La Carte (March 15)

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God Saved Me from a Polygamist Cult

“When people ask my wife and me how we met, the story of how Christ met us inevitably takes over. It’s unavoidable from the moment I say, ‘Well, we actually met in a polygamous Mormon cult.’ Eyes grow wide, and folks eventually find a few words like, ‘Wait . . . what?’ Their questions lead us into a testimony to boundless grace. It’s a story of doubt, God’s stubborn love, some dead friends, and a book by Tim Keller.”

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us Read Scripture

We know that the Scriptures are inspired, but as Jonathan Pennington explains here, “the Holy Spirit’s role does not stop with the writing of the texts. Good interpretation is also dependent on the ongoing work of the Spirit to in-spire us to understand, receive, and apply what God has spoken.”

Match of the Day Without Commentary – Lessons for the Church

This article considers the way pastors may say too much or too little as they lead a worship service.

Is my depression really part of God’s plan?

Stephen Kneale: “Somebody asked me yesterday whether I thought my getting depression was part of God’s plan. I thought that was a really interesting question and thought I would share my view on that here.”

How we lost our families and movies in one move

Mwansa Mbewe has a bit of a fiery one here to explain how and why Africa is losing its stories.

Why Read If You Forget Most Everything Anyway?

“If you can’t remember most of what you read, why even bother? Aren’t there better ways to use your time?” Trevin answers exactly the way I would (and often have).

Flashback: Drowning in an Ocean of Encouragement

Just as we have been taught to take 10 looks at the cross for every one look at ourselves, perhaps we ought to speak 10 words that will build up—or better yet, a hundred—for every word that might pull down.

We need the all-sufficiency of Jesus applied in rich measure to our deepest points of personal need. —Ray Ortlund