A La Carte (March 20)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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Today’s Kindle deals include a great selection from Crossway.

I happened to notice that Amazon has a good number of games and activities on sale today.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Man Both Bruised and Broke)

My Father’s Death Brought Me Life

This is powerful in its own way. “I thought death meant being stuck in the dark, like being inside a vacuum. I wasn’t afraid of the cold but of being desperately alone. No one would hear me. No one would come to help me. And I’d be lying there forever. As I grew, this fear of death and loneliness was replaced by a general anxiety mixed with the knowledge that my deep fear of dying revealed a lack of faith and trust in God.”

The Platform Problem

Pierce has an interesting one that considers writers and their need for platform.

Hollywood, Netflix, & Co. Know Our Hearts

“This tragic moment in human history was when a new kingdom was born—the kingdom of ‘I’ and selfishness. Since the Fall of man described in Genesis 3, man does not want to fulfill his creation mandate—to live solely for the glorification of his Creator. Quite the opposite. He wants to make himself the center of his own kingdom, his own universe, and his own glorification.”

Say What, Paul? Six Things 1 Timothy 2:8–15 Does Not Mean

1 Timothy 2:8–15 is a tricky text—and as important as knowing what it says is knowing what it doesn’t say.

Does God have Emotions?

“Christians claim God is impassible—without passions. For example, the Westminster Confession of Faith affirms, God is ‘without body, parts, or passions’ (2.1). For most people, this seems to affirm God has no emotions under the reasonable assumption that passions are emotions. But such a teaching, although everywhere present in the history of Christianity, seems at variance with biblical teaching.” Wyatt tries to put together some of the pieces.

What Jesus Saw When He Looked at Peter after the Rooster Crowed

“How do you think Jesus looked at Peter? Was Jesus surprised? Frustrated? Ashamed? If you are a Christian, then your understanding of how Jesus looked at Peter is foundational to your perception of how he looks at you when you sin.”

Flashback: Are You Writing Headlines for You or Articles for Them?

It is no great feat to create the kind of headline that will get people to your site. What is much harder is to create content that will actually benefit them once they get there.

We would better be content to have our good deeds go unpraised, than that our own lips should speak the praise. —J.R. Miller