A La Carte (March 21)

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Is Missionary Work Colonialism?

Certainly some has been in the past, but is it necessarily true today? “You might be a missionary – someone called and sent to serve God cross-culturally – but chances are, you don’t like being called a missionary. That’s because, in popular Western culture, missionaries are seen as pith helmet-wearing colonialists – forcing their culture and religion on people who don’t want it.”

How Rwanda is Becoming the Singapore of Africa (Video)

Rwanda is taking cues from Singapore and trying to become “the Singapore of Africa.” This video explains why and how.

Fantastic Voyage from the Womb

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about childbirth and how fetal blood circulation differs from circulation in a newborn. “I grab a sterile towel, and with expectant hands I brace myself to accept the baby. As a pediatrician, I have attended countless deliveries; my eyes still well up a bit with tears at the astonishing wonder of birth. It never gets old; I am in awe of God’s design.”

What Is a Reformed Fundamentalist?

Paul Carter is concerned about the growth of “Reformed Fundamentalism.” He explains what that is and why it concerns him. “We treat our terminology, emphases and distinctives as ultimate in nature. If our group came up with it then it is good; if another group came up with it then it is bad. A person is either a hero or a heretic. Heroes are to be venerated and respected; heretics are to be hunted down and destroyed.”

Don’t Waste Your Privileges

The Bible addresses matters of privilege. “Without in anyway whatsoever wishing to fixate on presidential candidates, racial theories or the virulent rhetoric of our secular society, I do want to turn our attention to what the Scriptures teach us about the nature of privilege and what ought to be a proper response to privilege.”

Behind Closed Doors: Sexual Sin

Bonnie Willoughby writes about her struggles with sexual sin. “Gradually, facing my sin became less and less scary. I felt less and less alone. I found that many other women struggled with porn and masturbation. It wasn’t ‘just a guy’s problem.’ It was affecting people I knew who had been struggling in silence for years just like I had! Through open and honest conversations, the Lord showed me freedom I had never experienced before.”

LifeWay to Close All 170 Christian Stores

We are rapidly closing in on a world where physical bookstores are a thing of the past. As CT reports, “LifeWay Christian Resources, the largest Christian retail chain in America, plans to close all 170 stores this year and shift its offerings entirely online.”

Flashback: Here at the Dawn of the Revolution

We acknowledge that both we and our technologies exist in this sin-stained world, so we should examine them with discernment and consider all we stand to gain or lose. But even as we act with this kind of wisdom, we can act with confidence. We have no reason to fear.

In every evil work that we are tempted to, we always need delivering grace, as to every good work God’s assisting grace. —Richard Sibbes