The Many Ways To Use “A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible”

My new book, A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible is just about ready to release! It is a unique resource in the way it combines words and images to both describe and display the Bible. It is meant to serve as a new kind of guide to God’s Word. Here are a few ways you may want to put it to use:

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  • Read it on your own to better understand the Bible and to grow in your skill at studying it.
  • Use it as your textbook for an “Introduction to the Bible” class, small group, or Sunday School.
  • Give it to a friend who isn’t a big reader. The fresh format and slick graphics may just prove appealing.
  • Use it with your youth group or at your young adult meetings to get people to engage with God’s Word.
  • Leave it on your coffee table as a conversation-starter.
  • Read a portion with your family after dinner. Most of the sections are quite small, so can be read in just a few minutes. The graphics provide helpful illustrations.
  • Give it to a graduating student as a gift.

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Whether you read it alone or with friends or family, I believe you will find it a valuable resource.

Let  us know that you pre-ordered it, and we’ll send you some free bonus material right away. You’ll get:

  • Free classroom handouts. We have used this content to teach the Bible in churches and groups, and believe it will work well for you too. The downloads we’ve chosen are helpful in walking through your worldview and visualizing how the longings of Israel point to Jesus.
  • Free workbook. This will assist you when teaching the Bible to groups. It gives students an easy way to follow along and fill in notes in a classroom setting.
  • Free poster downloads. We’re making available downloadable versions of some of our most popular Visual Theology posters: 100 References, Prophecies, & Fulfillments and The New Covenant in Jeremiah 31. These are ideal for printing for your church, home, and/or office.
  • Free wallpaper. Cool graphics for your phone that teach the Bible.
  • 20% off a poster or t-shirt in the store at

Buy it at Amazon or CBD or Barnes & Noble
Pre-Order now and Get Free Bonus Material!

Undecided? Here’s a sampler: