A La Carte (May 12)

I was meant to write the final post today based on Thomas Watson’s All Things For Good, but I won’t be doing that since I’m taking a week away from (most) typing. But I hope you finished it and enjoyed it!

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The Final Enemy

Carl Trueman’s reflection on death is long but rewarding. “Death is thus both inevitable and terrible. It is a merciless foe. It deprives us of our loved ones and eventually will take us, too. Most of us respond to it with acts of denial—denial of the radical finality of death, of the inevitability of death, of the sovereignty of death.”

Am I Cursed? (Video)

Depending on your cultural background, you may find yourself grappling with the matter of curses during times of loss or failure. In this video Conrad Mbewe provides a biblical assessment of curses.

Every Breath

I enjoyed this reflection on our fleeting breaths.

Covid 19 & Biblical Balance

Bryan Schneider has a level-headed call for balance in this article. “We cannot pit life against livelihood. We cannot say, ‘If you care about life you don’t care about livelihood.’ Nor can one say, ‘If you care about livelihood you must not care about life.’ Christians must hold both of these together in Biblical balance. Without livelihood one cannot live life. Without preserving life one robs another of their livelihood. We must hold these two in balance.”

Were Adam and Eve Real People? How History Hangs on Their Story

“The teaching of Scripture on the subject of human origins is foundational to the rest of the Bible. It is also vital to our understanding of who we are as humans in relationship to God and to the rest of creation.” Iain Duguid explains why the historicity of Adam and Eve is a crucial matter.

Sun Dance (Video)

What a stunning 4K video of the sun. (An incorrect link was published earlier; hopefully it’s fixed now.)

Does God Exist?

Bruce Ashford: “Does God exist? As a Christian writer and speaker, I get this question all the time. And while my approach to answering it differs based on the context and the person asking, my answer is always the same: ‘Yes, God exists. God is real and He has communicated Himself to human beings through mighty acts in history, through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and through the Bible.'”

Flashback: The Disabilities Dilemma

In that beautiful and put-together event there was just one area that stood apart: a booth covered with pictures of broken bodies and disfigured faces.

When ministry is rooted in Jesus and his gifts, then that ministry will be all the more fruitful. —Harold Senkbeil