A La Carte (May 19)

Remember that Ligonier has made all its teaching series free for a limited time. There are lots of newer ones there, along with the classics.

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(Yesterday on the blog: So Very Weak, Yet So Very Proud)

A Christian Reading Manifesto

I would gladly co-sign David Steele’s Christian Reading Manifesto. “My concern is that those who will benefit the most from this article will never read it in the first place. In other words, the strange irony is that those who need this the most simply will not take the time to ‘take up and read.’ While some young evangelicals bemoan the discipline of reading, they sever the root of the tree which is designed to help them grow and flourish. Malnourished and immature Christians will populate our pews and propagate a new breed of spiritual immaturity.”

A Small Tool to Salvage Your Sanctification While in Self-Quarantine

Joe Carter’s experience seems typical. “I was going to use this time of isolation and solitude to grow in godliness and knowledge of God. Rather than consider the lockdown a disruption of daily life, I’d think of it as a retreat from the distractions of the world and use the time to develop new habits of grace. The pandemic was going to be a period of unprecedented spiritual productivity. And then, a month later, I saw a headline on the satire site The Onion that summed up my actual experience: ‘Man Not Sure Why He Thought Most Psychologically Taxing Situation of His Life Would Be the Thing to Make Him Productive.'”

Why Might a Christian Still Feel Guilty for Sin? (Video)

Augustus Nicodemus Lopes answers a common question.

COVID-19: An Interactive Timeline

WORLD has put together a helpful interactive timeline of the pandemic.

Turnspit Dogs

Well, here’s a strange little bit of history. “A woman is sitting by the fire tending the rotisserie, but the actual work is being done by a small dog furiously running inside a small hamster wheel hanging from the ceiling. He is the turnspit dog—a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed with a heavy head and drooping ears. Famed zoologist Carl Linnaeus named them Canis vertigus, Latin for ‘dizzy dog,’ because the dogs were turning all the time.”

Under the Rainbow Banner

You may enjoy this long article at First Things about the rise of queerness. “Queerness owes its privileged status to its relationship to the therapeutic. It epitomizes three central therapeutic values: individuality, authenticity, and liberation.”

The Misunderstood Python Hunters Saving the Everglades

I don’t quite know why, but I enjoyed this one.

Flashback: Don’t Kill That Quote

Too many people ruin a perfectly good quote because they just don’t know how to make the most of it. Within 10 minutes of posting a quote, no matter what it says or who said it, someone will object.

Sickness helps to make us think seriously of God, and our souls, and the world to come. —J.C. Ryle