A La Carte (May 20)

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Ravi Zacharias Dies at 74

WORLD magazine reports on the death of Ravi Zacharias. (See also Ravi Zacharias (1946–2020) and His Legacy by Alister McGrath)

Tucking Ben In

“Every night as I tuck Ben into bed, I lay my hand on his chest to pray.I used to ask God to help him sleep, and to help him to obey and to be happy the next day. But now, as I lay my hand on him and he closes his eyes, my focus has narrowed to simple gratitude for another day of life, for the provision and protection that has been granted to us this day.”

COVID-19, Regathering, and Dying to Self

Steve Weaver: “I think this potential crisis exposes a deeper crisis in our churches. It is one that we as pastors have been responsible for enabling. It is the crisis of catering. By catering, I don’t mean the act of providing food. (I know where Baptist minds go immediately). I am referring to the attempt to satisfy perceived needs or demands. In our consumeristic age, too many pastors have been guilty of leading by simply following the whims of the congregation.”

Inside the Cleaner (But Less Convenient) McDonald’s of the Future

As fast food restaurants begin to open up again, we may see some significant changes.

An Ordinary Abundant Life

You may enjoy Melissa’s article about a very ordinary but very abundant life.

Sometimes There Is Just Nothing You Can Do

I think a lot of churches come to this point: “The tendency whenever issues arise is to look for fixes. On one level, that is right and proper. None of us should want to see what is sub-optimal and be happy about it. Where there are genuine issues and problems, as best as we are able, we ought to want to address them. It is a measure of our care for our people that we want to meet the real needs that exist. But sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do.”

Why Farmers Are Destroying Millions Of Pounds Of Food (Video)
This video explains why farmers are destroying vast quantities of food.
Flashback: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Following a Parenting Method

It seems to me that we, as parents, can and should learn from methods, but be very cautious about following them too rigidly. We must always ensure our confidence in parenting has not subtly shifted from the goodness of God to the performance of methodology.

Neither Satan nor sickness nor sinful man is sovereign. Only God is. And he is good—and wise and sovereign. —John Piper