A La Carte (November 25)


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Visual Theology – If you’ve ever thought of buying one of my Visual Theology posters, well, this is the time. If you use coupon BUSTER50 you’ll get 50% off your order.

Sex and the Church – “For too long the church has allowed culture to own the discussion of sex. God created sex and declared it good. When we distort sex, God can redeem our guilt (if we have sinned) or our shame (if we have been abused).” Brad Hambrick has a selection of excellent resources.

The Trouble with Self-Deprecation – I quite agree! “Self-deprecation is intensely self-centered, just the opposite of what it appears.”

The Blank Check – I appreciate this article from Staci Eastin who writes about giving God a blank check with our lives. It’s a biblical concept. But then “we push the blank check across the counter to God, only to be miffed if he writes ‘nursery duty’ in the line.”

Hold Your Tongue – Here are ten times it may be wise to hold your tongue.

The Rise and Fall of Daily Deal Sites – I really enjoyed this article on the rise and fall of Groupon and its many imitators. “It spawned thousands of competitors looking to cash in on the daily deals craze. Investors salivated at the prospect of a company that some bankers thought would be worth more than $30 billion.”

For a Christian, our fears about the future are rooted in those places where our will differs from God’s will. —Mark Dever