A La Carte (November 5)

It’s mostly odds and ends on the Kindle deals list this morning.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Why It Matters that We Call the Final Book of the Bible Revelation, not Revelations)

Not My Fault

“Do you notice the difference? The language of brokenness and shame is passive language. It is describing something that has happened to you. The language of ‘sin’ is active language. It is something you do. If the language of our singing, counselling and preaching primarily uses passive language, or uses the passive language to explain active language – well we are no longer being biblical, and have started to inhabit a world view where, ‘it is not my fault’.”

Why Do I Doubt My Salvation? (Video)

Donald Whitney answers.

There Once Was A Farmer

Here’s some good writing! “There once was a young farmer who found great pleasure in working the soil. And though his pleasure was great as he tilled the soil, his pleasure was rooted in the harvest he saw in his mind.”

6 Members Who Build Up the Church

“Every local church is comprised of a diverse group of people who have been radically transformed by the power of God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. These diverse people have no reason to live and work together, let alone care for each other—and yet, they choose to live in love and unity together, to the praise and glory of the Lord’s name.”

3 Ways to Turn Against Your Pastor

I suppose those 6 members who build up the church are unlikely I to be the 3 who turn against the pastor!

How Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Punishment in Only 3 Hours?

It’s a legitimate question, isn’t it? “How did Jesus receive the full punishment for sin (eternal damnation) if he didn’t suffer eternally? To answer it, we must ask four additional questions that get at the logic of the atonement.”

Will There Be Rodents and Insects in Heaven?

The question may not be the most important ever asked, but there are pretty important implications as Randy Alcorn dives deeper and deeper.

Flashback: Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth (and Not-So-Youth)

Whether you are a young man, or a not-so-young man, you have the same calling from God: Rejoice in the wife God has given you. Rejoice in his precious gift.

What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace. —John Wesley