A La Carte (November 9)

May the God of love and peace be with you on this fine day.

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Tribute to Those of Simple Faith)

From Meat to Meta: Facebook’s Disincarnate Dreamworld

“I find myself strangely grateful to the Zuck for giving me a new appreciation of the beauty of Christ’s enfleshment.” Here’s why one writer is strangely grateful for Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a better world.

Night watch

“I remember when the two emails arrived. One after the other. To our inbox in Karachi. Same time. Same message. Traveling across the world. From opposite sides of the United States.”

Advice About Hard Bible Passages from the Bible

Here’s some help with hard passages. “One of the marvelous things about the Bible is that in it, God speaks to many of the challenges we face—including difficult passages in the Bible itself. We will look at one such section of Scripture in this article.”

A monument of gift

“There’s a principle in the Bible that’s foreign to our Protestant intuitions. When the people of Israel were dramatically saved by the Lord, they built a monument.” And that’s significant in its own way.

Giving thanks between two cultures

I enjoyed this little look at how different Christian cultures give thanks differently.

Should We Pursue Self-Love?

If you’re familiar with Randy Alcorn’s writing, his position on this matter won’t shock you. “I’ve often heard it said in evangelical messages, books, and articles that God’s Word teaches three kinds of love—love for God, love for others, and love for self.”

On Cigarettes, Vaping, and Nicotine

And if you’re familiar with John Piper’s writing, his position on this matter won’t shock you either. You may not fully agree, but he does lay out his position very clearly.

Five Words to Improve Every Sermon

Jason Allen: “Over the years, as I have monitored my own preaching and observed others, I have come to realize how intentionally using a few key words will strengthen most any sermon.” He offers five…

Flashback: Fears and Fleeting Faith

Our faith is shockingly shallow on the day of uncertainty. Our fears quickly overwhelm our fleeting faith.

Our everyday moments might be ordinary, but when we accomplish them while displaying the fruit of the Spirit, they reflect our extraordinary Savior. —Emily Jensen