A La Carte (September 1)

Welcome to September! Grace and peace to you today.

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There’s a long list of Kindle deals, most of them geared toward the academics among us.

(Yesterday on the blog: So You’ve Been Told You Should Read Some Old Books…)

Why the (mis)labeling of pregnancy resource centers on Yelp needs to be corrected

“Now, more than ever, technology companies must not bow to the pressure of abortion advocates, government leaders, and the abortion industry in limiting access to life-altering information for women in crisis. Access to accurate information in order to make life-and-death decisions should be at the very core of these businesses’ values.”

How to see Mt. Rainier

This is a good illustration. “One of my favorite things about living in that area was the magnificent views that can be had of the Olympic Mountains to the west, and especially of Mt. Rainier to the south-east which is so enormous and so distant that it looks more like a vision or something painted in the sky than a mountain of solid rock. One of my least favorite things however, was how cloudy and foggy it is there.”

Elegant Orthodoxy: The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion

“The Anglican Church’s Thirty-nine Articles of Religion aren’t comprehensive. They don’t answer every theological or ecclesiastical question a follower of Jesus might have. But there’s an elegance in the Articles’ brevity and simplicity that both roots us in the historic church and is timely today.”

A Jesus Misjudged?

“What is Christ doing in his church? What are the ways that we should interpret the–sometimes dark–providences of God in building, reforming, censuring, or comforting the church? We are not as skilled as we ought to be in judging the work of Jesus in our midst; and that’s always been the case.” I agree with this.

Even after His Death, Jesus Fulfilled the Law

“What if Jesus broke the Law of Moses? Would that impact your faith? Would it change significant points of Christian doctrine? The short answer is a resounding yes.” It’s interesting to consider that Jesus fulfilled the law not only during his life, but also after his death.

Forgive the Unforgivable

God asks us to do some difficult things. “Here’s the unvarnished truth: Those things you think you can’t forgive? Jesus wants you to forgive them. He demands it.”

Flashback: Writing Tips: Tools & Context

I love to write, I write often, and I share my writing publicly. For those reasons I am often asked to share tips. How can I write more? How can I write better?…Today I want to offer a handful of new tips that are a little bit different from the kind I have offered before.

God made us to be light makers, and the spotlight is meant to shine right back on him. —Jen Oshman