A La Carte (September 18)

Today’s Kindle deals include a book by Mark Jones that has gotten very good reviews.

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How Shall I Love My Neighbor? By Keeping the Law!

Dan Doriani writes about love and law and how they are connected.

Jabberwocky (Video)

Jabberwocky is one of my favorite poems to recite during a microphone check. I very much enjoyed this recitation and visual interpretation. But that’s the joy of the poem, isn’t it? We can make it mean whatever we want…

What Makes Joe Rogan One of the Best Interviewers in the World?

Joe Rogan has, surprisingly, become one of the world’s best (and most popular) interviewers. Here Chris Martin offers some thoughts on what makes him such a good interviewer.

The Promise of Holiness

“Why should we be holy? What motivations are available to Christians for their heartfelt obedience to the law and will of God?” There are many and, as this article shows, some are far better than others.

Since Jesus Took Our Punishment, Why Didn’t He Need to Go to Hell Forever?

Here’s an answer on video from R.C. Sproul.

What We Can Learn from John Chau

Do you remember John Chau, who died trying to reach a remote people group? This article from TGC Canada offers some lessons from his life and death.

See Jesus in the Jewish Fall Feasts

This article guides you (and perhaps your Jewish friends) into seeing Jesus in the Jewish fall feasts.

Flashback: The Duty of Diligence

A simple life of quiet diligence is a life that is pleasing to God and worthy of his name.

No matter how many steps you have taken away from God, it’s only one step back. —Wayne Mack