A La Carte (September 23)

Audible (aka Amazon) is having an End of Summer sale and that means the audiobook of Seasons of Sorrow is 65% off. (Note: you can either use 1 Audible credit or tap on the “buy with one-click button” to purchase it at the discounted price.)

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Don’t Let ‘Discernment’ Give Doctrine a Bad Name

“I get frustrated sometimes by the lack of discernment I see from people who fly the ‘discernment’ banner.” So do I! You should read Trevin’s thoughts on discernment and discernment “experts.”

There Are no Slippery Slopes in the Bible

“There is a signifiant difference between seeking to understand God’s word and seeking to undermine God’s word. Undermining God’s word is dangerous. Understanding God’s word is life-giving and powerful.”

Spiritual Abuse: Seeing What We Don’t Want to See

This article provides some current and historical wisdom on spiritual abuse. “As uncomfortable as it is the church needs to do this with the harsh reality of spiritual abuse. Even writing those words — with every key-stroke — is hard. Abuse is one thing but when you add the adjective ‘spiritual’ it becomes something else, something more.”

Am I Called to Ministry? Five Tests

John Piper offers five tests to consider whether you may be called to ministry.

The Day the Bible Became a Bestseller

I enjoyed this account of the day the Bible became a bestseller for the first time (and the context in which it happened).

Just Enough to Keep Going

Darryl means to offer encouragement to ordinary pastors with ordinary pastorates—which is to say, the great majority of pastors.

Flashback: The Depth of My Depravity

You don’t know how deeply sinful you are by your unrighteousness deeds, but by your rejection of God and his grace. That is the most serious, heinous, and damnable sin of them all.

What is the best safeguard against false doctrine? The Bible regularly read, regularly prayed over, regularly studied. —J.C. Ryle