Weekend A La Carte (7/16)

We are finishing up a week’s vacation today and heading home from a great little cottage we’ve been parked at for the past week. It’s been a wonderful vacation–the kind that was quiet and relaxing and lasted just long enough (but not too long). Good times.

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The Most Risky Profession – Writing for CT, Mark Galli explains why you need to pray desperately for your pastor.

The Streets of Lusaka – It is great to read of what the Lord is doing through a rather unique ministry on the streets of Lusaka. “That week, God touched one of the women in the church—Prisca Phiri. She asked her husband to drive her in the middle of the night to a spot where she usually saw prostitutes lined up to be picked up by men. Upon getting there, her husband remained in the car while she started speaking to these women. She was shocked to discover that most of them were not opposed to hearing the gospel from her.”

Casey Anthony – R.C. Sproul Jr asks (and answers) what we are to make of the Casey Anthony decision.

Dependence Check – Here’s a good word: “Whenever I am prayerless it betrays an underlying belief that I can do life and ministry on my own, which according to Scripture, is certifiably insane.”

Tour de France – This is an eye-catching photo essay from the Tour de France.

Letter to a Teenager – John Piper shares a letter he wrote to an incomplete and insecure teenager. “Four years ago a teenager in our church wrote to me for advice about life in general, and identity in particular. Here is what I wrote, with a big dose of autobiography for illustration.”

One marvels at the little things over which an assembly will waste hours of precious time, contending as if the destiny of the whole world and the fate of the starry heavens depended upon the debate. –C.H. Spurgeon