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Weekend A La Carte (April 6)

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My gratitude goes to Moody Publishers who sponsored the blog this week to ensure you know about Overflowing Mercies by Craig Allen Cooper, a book that opens readers to the beautiful, merciful heart of our triune God.

There are a few new Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Watchmaker’s Daughter)

Advocates, Not Merely Adherents: Lay-of-the Land Observations and Challenges for Complementarians

This is a bit of a longer article, but a good one. Plus, it’s Saturday—a good day for a longform read. In it, Jason Allen offers some observations about complementarianism and lays down some challenges.

Why Cancel Culture Needs the Breathtaking Mercy of God’s Kingdom

It always strikes me as interesting that we resent when “our guys” get canceled but are completely on board when “their guys” get canceled. But anyway, that’s beside the point. “Cancellation is possible these days for anyone who commits actions or makes statements that one group or another considers beyond the pale. But what happens when cancel culture meets the breathtaking mercy of God’s kingdom?”

Comfort from Psalm 139 for the Parent Grieving Miscarriage

Ashley Anthony: “In years following my miscarriage, the Lord has continually sent me to his Word when others’ thoughts about the value of my little one’s life and my own pain have felt loud. For grieving parents, Psalm 139 provides dignity to our babies’ short lives in the womb and comfort for our aching hearts.”

Normal Life

Seth shares a sweet reflection on the sheer beauty of normal life. “Every day seems so similar as it passes that it’s hard to notice how things are changing. It’s only when I look back over the years that I see how different my life has become.”

When Overthinking Sets In

If you are prone to overthinking, you may find help and challenge here. “It is okay to ask God for wisdom and guidance over our problems and grant us the light we need so that we know the path we ought to take in light of the darkness that we are in. But there are times when I try to put matters in my own hands as if I am the one who can fully and finally solve my problems; as if I am the one who knows it all; as if I am the one who can work with all my might to be able to surpass whatever obstacles I would have in this life.”

Jesus is the Better Bitcoin

“We are approaching a once-every-four-year phenomenon. No, not the Olympics or the pageantry of elections, but the Bitcoin-halving (due in April). Monetary rewards for mining new bitcoins (which happens through computers solving complex math problems) get cut in half.”

Flashback: The New Birds and Bees

When I was a child I was taught that sex and gender are binary—you are male or female, and your gender identity and gender expression will accord with it…Today, though, children are taught that every aspect of sexuality exists on a scale with no either/or.

You don’t get to decide to worship. Everyone worships something. The only choice you get is what to worship.

—Tim Keller

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  • Parents Need to Act Now

    This week the blog is sponsored by Harvest USA. Today, more than ever, parents need to take a proactive approach in preparing their children for a world bombarding them with false messages about sex, gender, and identity. If parents abdicate their God-given responsibility to equip and train their children with a biblical foundation for understanding…

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