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Weekend A La Carte (February 17)

I’m spending a bit of time this weekend in beautiful British Columbia speaking at a men’s retreat. This is still and always one of my favorite areas of Canada, though I wouldn’t mind being just a bit deeper into the mountains…

(Yesterday on the blog: Procrastination Is a Failure to Love)

EPIC Evening in London

I’m excited to announce our next EPIC stop will be in London. If you are in the area, why don’t you come out for an evening of Q&A and some giveaways? (Also next week we will be in Sydney, Australia at Reformers Bookshop!)

18 Questions about Faith and Mental Illness

“When engaging a difficult and highly personal subject, it is better to start with good questions than a list of answers. The better our questions are, the more responsibly we will utilize the answers of which we are confidant, the more humbly we will approach areas of uncertainty, and the more we will honor one another in the process of learning.”

Will We Have Our Own Homes in Heaven?

“When you’re traveling late at night and you don’t know where you’re going to stay, nothing’s more discouraging than finding a No Vacancy sign. There’s no such sign in Heaven. If we’ve made our reservations by accepting God’s gift in Christ, then Heaven is wide open to us. Jesus knew what it was like to have no vacancy in the inn and to sleep in a barn. On the New Earth, He’ll have plenty of room for all of us.”

The Curious Case of the Fruit That Transforms Sour to Sweet (Video)

“The plant that produces the berries, Synsepalum Dulcificum, is native to West Africa, where the fruit was traditionally used to sweeten palm wine and make soured cornbread more palatable. Growing best in acidic soil in tropical zones, the coffee-sized berries were introduced to Europeans by the explorer Chevalier des Marchais.”

Praying For Our Children

“Parenting children is hard work. There are so many times I’m at a loss when it comes to leading my family. Should I discipline in this situation or let it slide? Am I being unreasonable with my requirements? How can I speak truth in such a way as to penetrate their hearts? What’s the right word of encouragement in this circumstance? How can I lead them to love the Bible, and Jesus, and the church?”

Trusting God in the Face of Tragedy

“There is such relief that comes from submitting to the will of our heavenly Father. A family in Northern Ireland lost their only child in a cruel traffic accident at the age of 12 – a child they didn’t think they would ever have. Their response? The notice of his death they placed in the newspaper finished with these words, ‘As for God, his ways are perfect.’ Strong faith? Absolutely. Blind faith? Not in the least.”

Is Facebook For Old People?

“It’s official: Facebook is for old(er) people. Teens and young adults are ditching Mark Zuckerberg’s social network as popularity among the over-55s surges, according to a report.”

What Should We Make of the Massive Repetition of Tabernacle Details in Exodus?

“If we believe that all Scripture is useful and profitable (2 Tim 3:16-17), and we are to take heed of what God has revealed about himself, how might we approach chapters 35-39 of Exodus? Will we simply skip them, trusting the lessons from Exodus 26-31 to be sufficient? Or does the Lord have more for us than that?”

Flashback: Sex on the Silver Screen: What Would a Victorian Christian Say?

Even in the 1880s, nudity and scenes of sexuality were a matter of concern and debate. And even then, people who believed it was wrong to display such things were considered prudish.

Christ had the form of a servant, without the impurities of our slavery.

—Stephen Charnock

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