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Weekend A La Carte (March 2)

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I’m so grateful to Help The Persecuted for sponsoring the blog this week. They “invite you to join their prayer network and commit to praying weekly for the specific needs of persecuted Christians as well as for the growth of the Church in the Islamic World.”

I added a lot of Kindle deals yesterday and have a few more to add today. Highlights include Collin Hansen’s biography of Tim Keller.

Logos users will want to take part in the annual March Matchups competition that will lead to lots of great discounts. You’ll also want to look at this month’s free and nearly-free books as well as the monthly sale.

The Only Way Out of Our Desperate Hypocrisy

“We often portray an image of ourselves that does not accurately capture the essence of who we really are. When we look honestly, we’ll see that we’re frequently fake, inauthentic, and hypocritical. We go through life accepting all kinds of praise for things perceived as virtuous when we know, deep down, that we undertook those actions from selfish motives.”

9 Healthy Ways to Respond to Criticism

This article lays out nine healthy ways we can respond to criticism.

Are Evangelicals Too Hard on Men?

Samuel James considers the idea that perhaps Evangelicals are too hard on men.

4 Snapshots of Dispensationalism Today

This is a really interesting look at the state of dispensationalism today. I especially appreciate the distinction between scholarly dispensationalism and pop dispensationalism.

Is God Disappointed With Me?

This article from Kuza addresses that lingering feeling many Christians carry that God is constantly disappointed in them.

Was Anyone More Alone? How Jesus Comforts the Lonely

“I am hardly alone in my loneliness. About one in four adults across the world suffers from a similar hunger. Bankrupt of any long-term solutions, the world suggests increased human interactions to alleviate the suffering. But for all our digital connectedness, the loneliness epidemic persists and grows.”

Flashback: The Beauty of a Gentle Heart

I recently read (and highly recommend!) J.R. Miller’s short work A Gentle Heart, and in that book I came across this convicting passage which reminds us of the source and model of our gentleness.

The way of Jesus is not a trouble-free existence—far from it. But Jesus does promise that, in giving ourselves away, we will truly find ourselves.

—Glen Scrivener

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