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Free Stuff Fridays (Help The Persecuted)

This weeks giveaway is sponsored by Help The Persecuted.

Help The Persecuted rescues, restores, and rebuilds the lives of persecuted believers in the Islamic World through spiritual support and tangible help. Every week, they send out an email with specific, real-time prayer requests of persecuted believers to their global Prayer Network.

You can join the Prayer Network using the form below! As a thank you, you will be entered to win a giveaway consisting of several books loved by the Help The Persecuted team, items made my persecuted believers in Lebanon and Iran, and a Help The Persecuted hat!

Included in the giveaway are:

Everything Sad is Untrue (a true story) by Daniel Nayeri

A winner of multiple awards, Everything Sad is Untrue (a true story), recounts the early years of the author’s life in Iran, the saga of religious persecution his family faced when his mother converted to Christianity, and his time as a refugee in Italy and then asylum in the United States. The book, written for young adults but compelling to all ages, is both heartbreaking and funny, and it highlights the worthiness of Christ even when one loses everything to follow Him.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi grew up in a devout Muslim family. Well-versed in Islam apologetics, he frequently challenged his Christian friends. When one of them casually suggested they read the Bible together, Nabeel was happy to do so to prove the superiority of Islam. However, he ended up falling in love with Jesus Christ! His story highlights the intense inner struggle of a committed Muslim to seek the truth at all costs and the immense emotional weight of converting to Christianity.

A cross and tote bag made by persecuted believers

One of the cornerstones of Help The Persecuted is helping persecuted believers achieve sustainable economic independence after losing everything for the sake of Jesus. One of the ways we do this is by working with believers to create their own business plans and providing seed funding. In the giveaway, we will include a small cross carved from olive wood in Lebanon and a tote bag sewn together by persecuted women in Iran—each representing a business that is helping persecuted believers lead lives of dignity!

A Help The Persecuted hat

To round out the giveaway, we will include a Help The Persecuted ballcap!

Thank you for joining the Help The Persecuted Prayer Network!

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