Weekend A La Carte (May 14)

Good morning! Here’s a little collection of links that I thought you might enjoy.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Laying Ambushes — A Family Update on a Special Weekend)

How does Reformed theology view the future of Israel compared to dispensationalism?

Obviously not everyone who reads this site will agree with the take presented in this video from Ligonier Ministries. Yet it’s a good explanation of how Reformed folk have traditionally understand the future of Israel.

5 Ways Pastors Can Care for Those Struggling with Sexual Identity

“It’s easy to talk about LGBTQ+ stuff in the abstract. It’s hard for a pastor to sit in his study and look somebody in the eye, while being engaged, and talk to somebody for whom this is their agonizing struggle.” This is very true.

Your Money Will Trick You

Trevin Wax: “Jesus says ‘Watch out!’ and ‘Be on guard’ as if there’s a silent, stealthy enemy creeping up on an unsuspecting person, ready to pounce. We like to think of wealth and possessions as inanimate objects, helpful to us if we use them correctly, but basically neutral. And so, in our churches, we warn against the abuse or misuse of wealth, and we teach on good stewardship so we can maximize and increase our wealth. But rarely do we sound the alarming note of Jesus and the apostles in this matter.”

A Biblical Case for Surrogacy?

Is there a biblical case to be made for surrogacy? This article says there is not.

Two Temptations for the Post-Covid Church

“After two years of the coronavirus, Christians are facing two temptations in relationship to the body of Christ. You might experience one or even both of these tendancies in your own life. I call them ‘a failure of heart’ and ‘a failure of nerve.'”

Suffering Is No Accident

Randy Alcorn reflects on the fact that suffering, while still very difficult, is never an accident.

Flashback: Satisfaction at the Cost of Obedience

Temptation is not a kidnapper who drags you into his van kicking and screaming and takes you where you don’t want to go. You climb in all on your own! You are a willing participant in your own kidnapping, in your own temptation.

Through the grace shown to us in the gospel, there is something distinctly Christlike about a mother’s love for her child. —Gloria Furman