Weekend A La Carte (May 23)

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(Yesterday on the blog: An End-of-May Family Update)

One Could Never Say Enough

One tribe could never say enough about this Christ. One language would never have enough words and nuances. One nation would never last long enough to see what many nations over many centuries could. Everything truly great and beautiful about every people group in history will be gathered and lifted before the throne, trying to capture just something of who this Lamb is. And though we will never fully capture him, we will capture far more because we are not the same.”

Why We Don’t See Church as ‘Essential’

Brett McCracken laments that in so many jurisdictions churches are classified as non-essential. “That we have come to see embodied church gatherings as ‘non-essential’ speaks to a few dynamics that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t create but has exposed. These dynamics were not imposed by some external, anti-Christian bogeyman; in many cases they are dynamics perpetuated by Christians themselves.”

The Miracle Sudoku (Video)

A friend shared this video with me under the title “Math Is Beautiful.” And while I don’t care for sudoku (or math, if I’m honest) I did thoroughly enjoy watching this guy solve the puzzle.

The Nightmare That Colleges Face This Fall

The Atlantic covers some of the difficulties colleges face as they prepare to open their campuses in the fall. “Colleges cannot keep students away forever; their bottom lines can’t handle that financial pressure. Residence halls are scheduled to reopen for the fall semester three months from now. Nearly everyone with an eye on higher education is asking one question: How can schools pull this off?” (See also Al Mohler’s Higher Education and the COVID-19 Crisis: The Determination of Southern Seminary and Boyce College In the Present Hour.)

We Need Rainy Times

I enjoyed this one. “Rainclouds can make a gloomy Eeyore or the perfect background for art and lattes, depending on the circumstances. We could fill books with our rain stories…how they’ve spoiled picnics or made a rainbow at just the right moment. I thought I’d share mine since it’s been raining all week. Wouldn’t trade these stories. I love sunny days, but I think we need the rainy days, too. There is an Arab proverb, ‘All sunshine makes a desert.’ Here are my first, worst, next and best times it rained.”

Pro-life Critics Say Documentary’s Jane Roe Bombshell Is a Dud

“A new documentary is set to drop a bombshell on the abortion debate. In AKA Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade, reportedly says during a “deathbed confession” that her conversion from pro-abortion heroine to pro-life activist was ‘all an act.’ While major media outlets are trumpeting the news, and pro-abortion activists are welcoming the opportunity to discredit the pro-life movement, many people who knew McCorvey personally insist that her Christian faith and pro-life beliefs were genuine.”

Shorter Online Preaching: What Isn’t Being Factored In

Colin Adams has some helpful thoughts about preaching in a shorter format (or not).

Flashback: What I Pack In My Spiritual First Aid Kit

I’ve learned it’s important to have a spiritual first aid kid, of sorts. Let me tell how how I stock mine.

What you can’t forget, God doesn’t remember! —John MacArthur