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Weekend A La Carte (November 24)


There are some nice Kindle deals to check out today. A couple are newer books and a couple are classics.

(Yesterday on the blog: Black Friday 2018 Deals for Christians – many of these deals are still valid today)

False Teachers Out Themselves by Their Way of Life

“False teachers by definition teach false doctrine. Usually, we imagine that this means that false teachers deny certain concepts like the Trinity, the Incarnation, or the Second Coming. Yet second Peter challenges the idea that false doctrine only means denying true ideas. In Peter’s second letter, false teachers primarily are called such because of how they live. For Peter, false doctrine can mean denying true concepts or denying our Master by our behaviour.”

Why This Island Might be in Canada or Might be in the US (Video)

I love little informative videos like this one.

Parenting Our Parents

Reformed Perspective looks at an issue, or perhaps a ministry, many of us will be involved in at some point in our lives.

Make Your Membership Count for Something

“It may seem perverse but since we made membership a more stringent affair, we have found it has done nothing but increase the desire of people to join. We have grown more since we determined (because we see it in scripture) that baptism brings one into membership which confers the right to join in communion and serve in the church. It can hardly be surprising that if there is no discernable difference between members and non-members, few people will see the point of becoming members at all.”

What Should We Do When the Sadness is Unbearable?

“There aren’t enough songs for sad Christians. I realize most people like to pretend that ‘sad Christian’ is a category that shouldn’t exist, but it does. Have you read the Psalms?”

5 Reasons the Ordinary Means Are Extraordinary Gifts

We can’t underestimate the importance or centrality of the ordinary means in the Christian life. “The phrase ‘ordinary means of grace’ does not imply God’s work is dull and unspectacular. There is nothing ordinary about God’s grace. His Spirit uses the public proclamation of an ancient book to convince an enemy army to love him and want to join his family.”

Beijing’s Plan to Judge Every Resident

I’ve seen lots of information about China’s growing social credit system. What I haven’t been able to see is how badly it will affect Christians. Surely it doesn’t bode well for Christians who worship in unregistered churches.

Flashback: Oh, How I Love the Law!

The law of God is God’s character externalized. It comes to us from the very heart and mind of God. Its purpose is not first to tell us what we must be and what we must do. Not first. Its purpose is to tell us first who God is and what he is like.

God Does Give You More than You Can Handle

This week the blog is sponsored by Tyndale, and the post is written by Jason Hague, author of Aching Joy. I am so thankful for each and every blog sponsor.

You say, “If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.” You make a mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.

—Charles Spurgeon

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