Weekend A La Carte (November 28)

Today’s Kindle deals include some contemporary books along with some classics. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the price drop on Mez McConnell’s The Creaking on the Stairs.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Black Friday 2020 Deals for Christians)

Secret Sins Will Harm Others

“One of the most treacherous lies we can believe about sin, especially sin we consider private or secret, is that we can keep its consequences to ourselves. That we will be the only ones — if anyone — affected. We rarely consider how our sin inevitably influences others in one way or another.”

What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like (Video)

This is quite an interesting examination of what ancient Egyptian sounded like. That’s a language that must figure prominently in several of the Bible’s key narratives.

Why Singing Hymns the Traditional Way is Better than Singing the Pop Worship Way

It’s quite simple, really.

Thoughts on Flipping the Bible Open and Reading Wherever You Land

While I discourage this as a primary method of reading the Bible, and while I’d want to be careful about always attributing too much significance to the “random” passage that shows up, I do think there can be value in it at times.

The Truth about Expressive Individualism

Carl Trueman tells the truth about expressive individualism. “Expressive individualism is a term used by philosophers such as Charles Taylor to talk about the way we think about being selves in the present day. Expressive individualism particularly refers to the idea that in order to be fulfilled, in order to be an authentic person, in order to be genuinely me, I need to be able to express outwardly or perform publicly that which I feel I am inside.”

Saying, “I Don’t Know”

Sometimes the best words to say during a Bible study are “I don’t know.” That’s especially true if you are the leader.

What Freedom From Sin Looks Like in This Life

Jen Wilkin explains.

Flashback: 3 Reasons Children Need to Obey Their Parents

To honor and obey parents is to honor and obey God. And those who give such honor and obedience to their parents open themselves to special blessings.

You can never stop thinking about something by trying not to think about it. If you want to get something out of your mind, you must begin thinking about something else. —Heath Lambert