Weekend A La Carte (October 6)

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I trust you’ll enjoy your long weekend and your especially thankful Sunday worship.

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Pastors Should Like People (Not Just Love Them)

“To do ministry well, you need to not only love people, but like them. You need to give your heart to them. But amidst the strains and seasons of ministry, it is easy for affection to cool. Just as in a marriage, romance does not keep on happening all by itself; you have to be intentional to keep kindling it. So also pastors, we must be intentional to keep kindling affection (for instance, yearning, desire, dearness) in our ministry relationships.”

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Christian Doctor Who Heals Rape Victims

Christianity Today reports that “A Christian gynecologist who has dedicated his career to caring for victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been awarded a 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.”

Celebrating 60 Years of Transatlantic Jet Service

We take transatlantic flight for granted now, but it’s amazing to think it’s only been 60 years.

Do You Pray Against Temptation?

“When we pray against temptation, we can expect two outcomes: (1) in real and tangible ways, God will be pleased to keep us from temptations we otherwise would have encountered had we not prayed. And (2) at times God may see fit to have us encounter the very temptation we have prayed (and planned!) against — and when we do, having prayed, we will be better prepared to face it and defeat it in the power of his Spirit.”

What Happens to an Elephant After it Dies (Video)

You may need a bit of a strong stomach for this one. It’s a really interesting look at what happens after an elephant dies and how it creates its own little ecosystem.

A Clanging Theologian

Keith Mathison: “Every fall, I tell the freshmen students that they will be learning a lot of formal theology over the course of the semester. They will be digging into numerous issues that many of them have never thought about. I tell them that if they go back home for Christmas break and sit down next to some elderly person who has been a faithful and godly member of the church for decades and view that person with any level of patronizing condescension because they now know some new theological vocabulary words, then we need to talk when they return.”

Why God’s Love Is Better than Unconditional

David Powlison is a master at cutting through Christian phrases that sound good but don’t capture the whole truth.

Flashback: Daddy, How Do I Look?

God, protect her. God, keep her. She’s yours anyway, right? She’s mine for a day and yours for eternity.

Paul Tripp’s Story of Hope in the Midst of Suffering

Thanks to Crossway for sponsoring the blog this week.

Can we expect the flames of our worship of God to burn brightly in public on the Lord’s Day when they barely flicker for Him in secret on other days? —Donald Whitney