Sunday A La Carte (October 7)

I ended the week with a significant overflow of excellent material gleaned from other web sites. Rather than let it go to waste, I thought I’d put together one of those rare Sunday editions of A La Carte. Here are a few articles that may benefit you today.

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Where the Differences Lie between Bruxy Cavey and (Reformed) Evangelicals

Several people have asked my view on the recent dialog between TGC Canada and Bruxy Cavey. I really appreciate what Wyatt Graham had to say in this post in which he brings some very precise analysis.

Jordan Peterson in Kansas City

I very much enjoyed reading Owen Strachan’s report/review of a recent Jordan Peterson event in Kansas City. “Peterson’s talk left me intrigued and enlightened but also rather sad. He is a brilliant man. But he genuinely seems to believe that he has–with considerable input from Jung and others–thought up a new approach to humanity and the problem of human suffering, one that draws on the wisdom of the ancients to be sure.”

The Most Isolated Piece of Land on Earth (Video)

Where would you have to go to find the most isolated piece of land on earth? Any why would you want to go there anyway? This video explains the first question anyway.

Thank You, God, for Failure

“Thank you, God, for my failures. I do not like to fail, but I trust you use my failures for good in me. In my failure, I realize how much I need help. So often I fail because I barrel into a task or project on my own. Thank you for reminding me of my limitations and for providing every droplet of assistance I need.” (This article kind of reminds me of the song “Jury Duty” by the O.C. Supertones.)

Against Liturgy: The Word of God is Enough

This review from TGC Australia does a good job of engaging with James K. A. Smith’s extremely popular book(s). “For Smith, the Scriptures are the answer, but they work powerfully in us through patterns of worship. Smith is not denying the power of Scripture—at this point—but arguing that Scripture will only (or mainly) transform us as it is combined with the liturgical habit and practice of Christian worship.”

6 Questions To Ask Before You Click

I am thankful to see how many people are emphasizing love and civility in our online communications. “Paul had no idea of what we would face in our social media frenzy, but he did know carefulness of disciplined speech and measured responses apply in every type of communication. He knew the importance of training thought to spill out careful testimony of Christlikeness.”

Why I’m Worried About Google

I think we’re all worried about Google (and the other massively powerful tech and social media companies). “A couple of weeks ago, I noticed something strange was happening to my Google Chrome web browser. Where Chrome had always allowed me to browse the internet as an anonymous user, suddenly my browser had signed itself into my Google account. A bit of investigation (and a visit to a nerd forum) pointed me to the cause…”