Weekend A La Carte (September 18)

Whatever this weekend brings, may you know the Lord’s sweet blessings through it all.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Death of Porn)

Many Voices, One Song

I appreciate this reflection on the Sing! Conference and, beyond that, singing in general. “I’m writing this post because I don’t want a profound dynamic of this conference to be passed by without mention. It’s a truth we need to hear. Specifically, I want to encourage you as you head to church this Sunday to remember this repeated refrain from the conference this week. Here it is: Singing together about Christ strengthens our unity in Christ.”

God Has Satan on a Leash

“The internet is filled with memes. Some funny, others distasteful. Then there are theological memes. Many are quite accurate; others, however, are downright horrible. You may have one notable, cringeworthy meme. Jesus and Satan are having an arm wrestling match—we’re just not sure who has the upper hand! Eternity hangs in the balance; it’s a jump ball.” But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Be Like Adam?

“Isn’t it true that Adam is most often used as an example of what a husband should not be like?” True. Yet in this article we learn what he did right…

I ‘Just’ Do Ordinary Work

Daniel Doriani speaks to those who say they “just” do a certain job. “In some cases, alas, ‘I just’ can be accurate. The desperate and the greedy may just work for money. Workers who lack ambition may have no direction, so they just do as they are told. People even say ‘I just’ because their work has scant value and they know it.”

The Church Was Always International

“The thing is, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the Christian faith is essentially a Western phenomenon, Church history books tell us about the way that the faith moved from the Middle East, to Europe and then out to the rest of the world through the efforts of Western missionaries. It’s a great story – but it didn’t happen like that.” History is complicated that way.

Speaking Rightly About Our Beloved

“Having accurate theology about Christ is not the same as love for Christ, but if we love him we will always seek to speak rightly about him.”

Flashback: Sex Under Law, Sex Under Grace

Any sex outside of God’s good stipulations is sex under the terrible burden of law.