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A La Carte (March 1)

A La Carte Friday 2

The first day of a new month is always a great time to pause to remind yourself of this: Right now, at this very moment, God is reigning from his throne. All is well.

A new month always brings new Kindle deals and I’ll do my best to have an updated list in the early morning.

If you want to begin the new month with some reading, Westminster Books has you covered. They’re offering a deal on Defeating Evil and several other titles about that tricky issue of the existence of evil.

(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books for February 2024)

Rumblings of Revival Among Gen Z?

Trevin Wax looks at some interesting evidence that there may be some rumblings of revival among Gen Z. “Today, I wonder if we’re seeing the beginning of a revival among Gen Z, particularly those in college. As I survey the landscape, I see signs of hope and renewal that strike me as unexpected and remarkable.”

Four Benefits of Inviting Evaluation of Your Preaching

Here’s an explanation of why pastors may benefit from inviting specific people to evaluate their preaching.

Addition by Subtraction

Jacob lays out the challenge of Christian contentment. “We think that contentment is gained by adding to what we have. But the Christian seeks contentment, not by addition, but rather by subtraction.”

Seeing Red

“Anger has been flaring up everywhere lately. It pervades modern life, ready to erupt any moment like popcorn five minutes deep in hot oil. And it is not just spilling out over world events or relational conflicts but also seemingly minor things. I see it in impatient drivers, eye-rolling store clerks, and people arguing online. Sometimes, when I see these behaviors, I realize I am looking in a mirror.”

Burying the Talents of the Great Rewarder

“There was nothing unusual about the night. I was leaning against the doorframe to the bedroom they all currently share, Bible open in my hands. The lamp was turned off in their room to help them settle down and I was relying on the hallway light for my reading. The plan was simple as always. Read a little bit, discuss a little bit, sing a song or two together, pray, give kisses and hugs goodnight, and finally, navigate multiple attempts to get out of bed again for various and sundry reasons. It was a typical night, not the kind of time I would have predicted for the conviction of the Spirit to fall.”

Top Tips for American Expats

I enjoyed this somewhat (but only somewhat) tongue-in-cheek guide for Americans who are traveling to the UK. “Magnanimous character that I am, I thought I’d help out our American friends—teach them a lesson or two about how things work outside the land of the free, and more specifically in the bog-ridden ‘tiny island across the sea’ that is Great Britain.”

Flashback: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

When Americans were first battling to secure the right to abortion, many Christians offered a solemn warning: To devalue life in the womb is to devalue life everywhere… Never has this been so clearly seen as in the scandal of Kermit Gosnell.

The power of a temptation is in its falsehood. Every temptation is leveraged on a lie. Every time. Always. Without exception. Temptation is a sales pitch begging you to buy into a misperception of reality.

—John Kitchen

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