Headlines (December 9)

A Bit Late – I’m running a bit late this morning. I went to a Switchfoot concert last night and didn’t get back until pretty late (late for me, anyways). It was another great show, probably better than the first two times I saw them this year. There are some bands that play and put on an enjoyable shows while there are others that just take over the stage and really take over the entire auditorium. Switchfoot falls squarely into the latter category. They put on a great show and are a lot of fun to watch and listen to. They played a couple of new tracks from their upcoming album and both songs were exceptionally good, so I’m holding out high hopes for the new album, which I believe is due in May of 2005.

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People Believe This Stuff? – A few nights ago Larry King had Char Margolis as guest on Larry King Live. She claims to be a psychic who can reach the “dear departed.” “She’s a master at psychic intuitiveness. She teaches people how to hone their own intuitive skills. She’s the author of an upcoming book Life, A Master Intuitive’s Collection Of Inspirational Thoughts…She also has a CD out called Empower Your Wisest Self.” Of course there was no shortage of people calling in to talk with her. Check out this exchange:

MARGOLIS: OK, Hello. OK, hi. Do you have somebody who is an A or M initial connected with you?
MARGOLIS: Anyone deceased or living? Think.
MARGOLIS: Okay, who is that that’s right a M.A. Like a Margaret or Mary or Ann?
MARGOLIS: OK. It’s a common name or a middle name like this?
MARGOLIS: OK. You know what? I’m sorry I’m not picking up on you.
MARGOLIS: I’m not picking up on you, I’m really sorry.
KING: That happens, right? MARGOLIS: Yes, I guess it is. Or maybe she’s not thinking.

She gives up and moves on to the next call:

CALLER: Hello.
MARGOLIS: Hi. Do you have somebody that’s an A or M connected to you?
MARGOLIS: Which letter an A. or an M.?
MARGOLIS: Spelled M.A.?
MARGOLIS: Is it your mom or grandma?
CALLER: No, my aunt.
MARGOLIS: Your aunt. Is she deceased?
MARGOLIS: I think her spirit is around you. Have you had some health concerns recently?
MARGOLIS: OK. Have you been put on a medication?
MARGOLIS: Is the doctor talking about putting you on a medication?
MARGOLIS: OK, I’m not allowed to give out medical advice but I have a feeling there’s something that’s going to put you on to control something. Did you have any problem with your leg or your back?
CALLER: My back and yes, and my foot.
MARGOLIS: And your foot. OK. I almost said foot. OK. I have a feeling there’s a way that they can help you with this.
MARGOLIS: And I’m not allowed to give out medical advice, but I would go in — are they giving you therapy?
MARGOLIS: You need more help with this.
KING: Go to a doctor.
MARGOLIS: Go to a doctor.
KING: M. and A. That you picked up with her. Could that have been from the call before that didn’t have an M. or A.?
MARGOLIS: I might have been mixing them up.
KING: Could you be a call ahead?
MARGOLIS: I could be a call ahead and I could be mixing it up. I do the best I can.

You get the idea. This went on for an entire segment, with people calling in and the so-called psychic playing guessing games with the callers until she happened to guess right? What are the chances that someone you know or are related to is named Mary or Margaret or Ann? Probably pretty good. Or that you experience some sort of back or leg pain? Again, pretty good. I’m not sure if this is tragedy or comedy, but it’s amazing that people actually believe it! If you are sucker for punishment you can read more here.

Be Canadian – An American company is making it possible for Americans to travel overseas under the guise of being Canadian. Because most of the world seems to be hostile towards Americans it can be difficult travelling overseas. Therefore, T-shirtking.com is offering Yankees a Canadian kit that allows them to pose as their neighbours to the North. The kit, costing $24.95 includes “a Canadian flag T-shirt, a Canadian flag lapel pin and a Canadian patch for luggage or a backpack. There’s also a quick reference guide — How to Speak Canadian, Eh? — on answering questions about Canada.” CNN has the story.

Gay Ruling Today – The Supreme Court of Canada is expected today to provide an important step towards the legalization of homosexual marriage in Canada. They have assessed a proposed legislation that would legalize gay weddings throughout the country. “”We expect that the two foundational principles – namely of equality rights and religious freedom – will be sustained.” We shall see. Canada will join Belgium and Holland as nations supporting homosexual marriage – not the kind of company we should want to keep!