The Passion of The Christ – Results?

In the days leading up to the release of The Passion of the Christ we heard time and again how this movie was going to provide the best outreach opportunity in the past 2000 years. We heard church leaders telling Christians to support this movie to ensure that Gibson did not lose his $30 million investment. Thousands of churches bought blocks of tickets, hundreds or even thousands of them, and gave them away to their members and communities.

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It has been three weeks since the movie released and I have seen little in the way of results. We know that Mel Gibson recovered his investment ten-fold as he is expected to personally pocket approximately $400 million from this movie. However, I have yet to see an article in the Christian press that tells a great success story of a church experiencing explosive growth or overwhelming interest in God based on this movie. I realize that three weeks is not an adequate measure of the results, but I would expect to see something by now. I have heard many Christians say how this movie has impacted them as individuals, but am just not seeing it having that effect with unbelievers.

Is there someone who can tell me about the results this movie has had in their church? Can someone point me in the direction of articles showing the positive effects this movie has had on unbelievers?