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What Has the Lord Been Teaching You From His Word?

Earlier in the week, eager to be encouraged, I put this question out to Twitter: What has the Lord been teaching you from his Word recently? The responses were quick, plentiful, and encouraging. Here are a few of them. (Click here to read them all.)

I’ve been meditating on the Good Samaritan, and I’m learning that loving our enemies isn’t merely the same as not “repaying evil for evil”, it means returning love for evil. It’s been quite convicting.

— Samuel Sey (@SlowToWrite) January 10, 2019

Last night, at a prayer meeting, a sister showed me Psalm 50:23 and said

“The only way I’ve made it through the toughest times is by thanksgiving and praise. Nothing else sustains the soul like prayers of thanks and praise.”

— Spencer DeBurgh (@SpencerDeBurgh) January 10, 2019

Pure undefiled religion is uncomfortable. But I/we need to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable for the sake of Christ.

— Matt Boga (@mattboga) January 10, 2019

Psalm 119 is teaching me the supremacy of Gods Word and circumstances are exposing my own need for grace!

— Luke Schmeltzer (@schmeltzer1689) January 10, 2019

I need to focus more on the log in my eye than the speck in someone else’s.

— Lynn Trigg (@LynnTrigg1) January 10, 2019

From Jacob’s life in the OT & 1 Peter in the NT that some of the suffering we endure is neither discipline/punishment nor persecution. Some suffering is simply uncomfortable labor I cannot connect to one of the other of those two sources of suffering. It’s part of living life.

— Brian Onken (@readingtexts) January 10, 2019

That reminding ourselves of the truths of the gospel found in Titus 3:4-7 should cause us to be devoted to the good works God has laid before us, doing them out of love for God and gratitude for what he’s done.

— Brittany Allen (@BritLeeAllen) January 10, 2019

God will fight for me. I need only to be still and trust him.

— Chelsea Stanley (@chelseakstanley) January 10, 2019

The beauty of the doctrine of justification by faith. (I’ve been teaching in Galatians, and it’s been rockin’ my world)

— nατε picκοwicz (@NatePickowicz) January 10, 2019

I started reading through the Bible again, and one truth that becomes apparent almost immediately and continues throughout the narrative is that whether or not we believe God is evidenced by whether or not we obey God.

— Matt Fletcher (@MattFletcher10) January 10, 2019

That we are moved from weeping to rejoicing by singing his rescues (the Exodus, the Cross, The End).

From Habakkuk, especially Hab 3.

— Duncan Hollands (@DuncanHollands) January 10, 2019

That waiting on man to save us is vain and useless, it is only God that triumphs over our enemies. (Psalm 108)

— kimberly (@kimbearable_23) January 11, 2019

That God has consistently called His people to be set-apart and holy, and will continue to until the end (Rev. 18:4). That we are to fully examine our lives and culture in light of that calling.

— Liana (@lianahofer) January 10, 2019

I’m being reminded that assurance is based in Christ.

“Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died-more than that, who was raised-who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.”

— Joshua Olson (@joshuaolson9) January 10, 2019

I am full of pride. The most selfless acts are riddled with it. God is so very patient.

— David Tevebaugh (@DavidTevebaugh) January 10, 2019

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