Book Review – Wasted Faith

Pursuing God-A Seeker’s Guide is Jim Elliff’s short book for those who are drawn toward God, but want more understanding. It is an excellent guide to help those whom God is drawing to Himself and gives a solid, biblical explanation of the basics of the Christian faith. Wasted Faith is a natural follow-up, a book that challenges those who have made a profession of faith to ensure that their salvation is sure. “What is most alarming is the risky willingness of many professing Christians to gamble eternity on an emotional one-time experience, a ‘sinner’s prayer’ properly prayed, or a feeling of substantial relief at a juncture in time, without ever taking a serious look at what is evident now, at this moment. Is eternal life of so little value that it seems unnecessary to examine ourselves for evidence of it?” Elliff warns that hell is engorged with those who once thought of themselves as Christians.

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Elliff takes a practical, consistent approach to the topic. He discusses faith without the Spirit, faith without Christ, faith without reason, faith without repentance, the initial act of faith, faith without fruit, and faith that does not last. He encourages those who profess Christ to ensure that they have had a genuine conversion and truly are children of God. He makes several proposals to this end and encourages us to struggle with them until we have a biblical, unshakable assurance.

What Pursuing God is to justifiction, Wasted Faith is to regeneration. It is a short, accessible, practical guide to helping people understand what God requires of those who claim to be His. Like Pursuing God I am glad to recommend it. It is available from Christian Communicators Worldwide.

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