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This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by RHB Publications. Everyone who enters the prize draw will have the opportunity to be one of three people picked to receive a copy of all the following new titles from RHB:

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The Puritan Path:

From the Reformation to the Modern Era: A Pictorial Witness by Joel R. Beeke & Stephen McCaskell

A pictorial history across two continents about the origins, growth, and influence of the Puritans. Includes additional essays on the Puritans and the filming of the documentary, Puritan.

The God and Me series

Joel and Mary Beeke

I Need to Trust in God

I Need to Hope in God

I Need to Love God

I Need to Love Other People

(For ages 4-7.) Based on scriptural verses on faith, hope, and love to God and neighbor, essential concepts are expressed in simple forms in conversation, prayer, actions, and thoughts.


How God Renews Your Mind to Make You More Like Jesus by Esther Engelsma

Are you being transformed into the image of Christ, or are you just frustrated? Transformed shows how the Holy Spirit helps us think in obedience so more Christlike behavior follows.

God with Us (2nd ed.):

Knowing the Mystery of Who Jesus Is by Danny Hyde

In God with Us, Daniel R. Hyde explores the historic, orthodox understanding of the person called Emmanuel—God with us. A clear and practical introduction to classical Christology.

A Practical Theology of Family Worship:

Richard Baxter’s Timeless Encouragement for Today’s Home by Jonathan Williams

Baxter’s belief in the importance of family worship meant every family in some Kidderminster streets upheld the practice. Williams examines Baxter’s methods and shows how they can work in churches today.

Bible Doctrine for Younger Children (2nd ed.)

James Beeke

Using over 150 stories and illustrations, educator James Beeke teaches children aged nine years and up how to live out the Christian faith. Suitable for homeschooling, church, or family use.

God’s Grace Shining through the Law

Joel R. Beeke (ed.)

Christians struggle to understand the relationship between God’s law and grace: neglecting law resulting in antinomianism or grace resulting in legalism. Instead, here’s how you can live in joyful obedience.

Rejuvenated Classics from RHB

Disease, Scarcity, and Famine:

A Reformation Perspective on God and Plagues by Ludwig Lavater (translated by Michael Hunter)

Outbreaks of disease and famine are nothing new. Ludwig Lavater, a leading pastor in sixteenth-century Zurich, explains the ultimate source of plagues and God’s purposes and promises during them.

The Shorter Writings of George Gillespie, volume 1

The first of a three-volume set that presents all Gillespie’s known shorter works, carefully edited from the most accurate texts – includes newly transcribed writings not included in 19th-century editions of his works.

The Pearl of Christian Comfort

Petrus Dathenus (Translated by Arie W. Blok)

Using a dialogue between a mature believer and a young Christian, Dathenus explains the relationship between faith and works in an experimental manner, typical of the early Dutch Further Reformation.

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