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Review – Pivitplex: Under Museum Quality Glass

With so many new artists vying for a place in the Christian industry it is becoming increasingly difficult for new acts to set themselves apart from the crowd. When every week seems to deliver at least one or two new rocks bands it is refreshing to find one that features a truly unique sound. Adding 60’s and 70’s sensibilities to a modern rock sound Pivitplex manages to offer something original to the genre with their debut album Under Museum Quality Glass (I’d like to give kudos to the band for the great title for the album).

Pivitplex plays upbeat, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll mixing things up with some electronic sounds and slightly distorted guitar. Lead singer and songwriter Scott Brownson works in a lot of masterful harmonies and focuses lyrically on the joys and pain of life but always with a view to the hope of eternity.

The album starts strong, kicking off with three solid rock songs. “Some Will Fall” shows off all of the band’s best features, showcasing harmonies, guitar and some funky electronics. “Grounded” is a song played over a great background track that finds Brownson anticipating heaven. I couldn’t help but think of the band Zilch on this one. Following “Grounded” is “You Know,” easily the strongest title on the album and one that has already had success on the charts.

It seems tradition calls for a ballad as the fourth track and Pivitplex offers a great one in “Cash It In,” a rock ballad about losing a friend – saying goodbye and then dealing with the pain of separation.

At this point the songs begin to blur together a bit. There aren’t any bad songs, but the Pivitplex sound which had felt so original begins to feel a bit used. Still, there are a couple of other standout titles. “Feeling Fear” is a slow ballad that speaks of the fear we feel as we try to hide from God and ultimately the importance of learning to rest in His love. “Clarity,” which may have the tightest harmonies of any song on the album, is a rocker that leads nicely into the closing song “Lullaby,” a bedtime prayer. Though a bit corny, it is a stirring song with a beautiful and original chorus.

Pivitplex has a sound that is all their own and one that should appeal to fans of downhere, Dakona and bands of that nature. Though I truly like it, I found myself wondering if they would be able to sustain the sound through several more albums without becoming tiring and repetitive. Even on this album the sound started to get old and I wish they could have carried the momentum through the middle tracks. Despite that small hang-up, I enjoyed Under Museum Quality Glass and hope there is a bright future ahead for this band. I will be eagerly anticipating their sophomore release.

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