A Wee Health Update

Hi, everyone.

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This is Aileen writing today. On behalf of Tim I wanted to let you know that the ongoing issue with the nerves in his arms has flared up badly over the past week. He is also having some issues with his back—we are not sure if the two are directly related although we suspect they are not. What it all means is that Tim can’t type and he also can’t sit at a desk (or anywhere else for that matter!). Because of this, he has not be able to write anything for today. He has some videos to share this week and will continue to post A La Carte every day, since I can do that typing for him. He is also going to try dictating some articles to a friend this week to see if he can write that way. (After 20 years of marriage, we are compatible in a lot of ways, but typing articles for him would definitely be a stretch for us.)

We very much covet your prayers. We know God has some kind of plan in all this and we genuinely desire to honor and glorify him in all things. Please pray especially for Tim’s pain and for wisdom as we work through how to proceed. He’s under the care of some good doctors but it’s a long process identifying and recovering from issues related to damaged nerves.