Reading the Next Classic Together

Ten days ago I announced the next classic book we’ll be reading together. To refresh your memory, it will be The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a few months, you know the pattern. Through the week anyone who wishes to participate reads a chapter from the book and on Thursdays we come here and discuss it. It’s that simple, really. The impetus for this project was the simple realization that, though many Christians want to read through the classics of the faith, few of us have the motivation to actually make it happen. I know this was long the case for me. This program allows us to read such classic works together, providing both a level of accountability and the added interest of comparing notes as we read in community. The Bruised Reed is, by all accounts, the kind of book any Christian will benefit from. So please do consider reading it with us.

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One thing I forgot to address in that announcement is the start date for this effort. So let me do that today. We will begin reading together this Thursday. So, before Thursday April 15, simply read the first chapter. Then come back here and I will begin the discussion.

One thing we will want to talk about is whether we read the book one chapter per week or two chapters per week. The Bruised Reed has sixteen chapters, all of which are quite short. I think I would prefer, after week one, to start doubling up, simply because 16 weeks is a long reading project. Four months in a short book seems like it will draw things out too much so that the early chapters are lost from our minds by the time we get to the end. However, I’m open to ceding to those who would rather go slower.

If you would like to read along with us, please get the details here. All it takes is the commitment to read the book.