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Biblical Intensive Counseling

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Often today’s Christian is less sexually pure than we care to admit. Therefore, Biblical intensive Counseling deals with the reality of sexual sin in the lives of Christian leaders and laypeople. With access to the Internet, we have clearly demonstrated that through “digital sin” we are as capable as ever of “every intention of the thoughts of man’s heart to only be evil continually”(Genesis 6:5). Ministries are destroyed, marriages dissolve, and lives are ruined through just one look. Clearly the corrupt heart is all about immediate satisfaction, and having a short moment of pleasure regardless of the dreadful consequences. We not only deceive others, but ourselves, when we cordon off sexuality from the rest of the Christian life and expect to go on living the way we want.

This why Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg, created Biblical Intensive Counseling, a ministry of Stone Gate Resources, For nearly twenty years, thousands of individuals and couples have traveled from across America and from many foreign countries to participate in a week of intensive counseling. This unique program guides the relationally and sexually broken and sinful from false intimacy to real intimacy, first with God, then with others. Biblical Intensive Counseling is strongly biblical counseling, brief intensive counseling, and proven counseling.

While Dr. Schaumburg strongly believes that sinful sexual behavior and relational problems are the symptom of the “evil intentions of the heart,” there are other indicators to consider when looking at the relationally and sexually darkness:

  • Diminished femininity and masculinity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Impersonal sex in marriage
  • Lustful intent
  • Declining modesty
  • Premarital sex
  • The acceptance of masturbation
  • Hooking up

We are more than the product of our hurts and upbringing. We are both spiritually and sexually immature. Biblical Intensive Counseling is built on the concept that to be spiritually mature, you must be sexually mature; to be sexually mature, you must be spiritually mature. Therefore, real change does not come primarily through behavior management, therapeutic techniques, recovery, or self-help, but must be from the inside out as God radically changes the intentions of the heart. For more information or to speak with Dr. Schaumburg personally about your situation, call 888-575-3030, or 303-688-5680.

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