Dry and Stale?

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Dry and Stale
Has your pastoral ministry become dry and stale? Do you sense a need for reinvigoration and renewal? Do you need some intensive and concentrated time in the Word? Perhaps the Doctor of Ministry program, Strengthening Ministry in the Kingdom of God at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh can help address some of these issues.

Some advanced study sounds like a great idea, but life is too full, right? This program is designed with those in full-time ministry in mind. The eight required courses are offered over four years, requiring only a two week stay on campus each August. Ample time is allocated for preparation for and follow up from each of the on-campus segments. It is a lot of work, but it can be done even in the midst of family and ministry responsibilities.

This professional degree is designed to strengthen ministry in the Kingdom of God by providing advanced training for those who minister to and pastor the people of God. A blend of study and research, this program is intended for ministry renewal, reinvigoration in Biblical and theological studies, integration of theological convictions with societal issues, and enhancement of the skills needed for effective Biblical ministry.

Two concentrations are offered.

Strengthening Pastoral Ministry: If your pastoral ministry needs to be revived; if you long to pursue a set of issues and problems affecting the life of the church; if you desire advanced study in matters related to the doctrine, worship, and the overall life and ministry of the church, then this program is for you.

Strengthening Counseling Ministry: If in your ministry you face the challenge of counseling people with broken lives and relationships; if you desire to more adequately understand and apply the Word of the Lord to the needs of people; if you desire advanced study in Biblical counseling rooted in a thorough knowledge of Scripture and the faith of the Church, then this program is for you.

Courses common to both tracks are:

  • Christ in the Gospels: Rediscovering Jesus through Narrative and Literary Analysis
  • Christ’s Mediatorial Kingship: Proclaiming Christian Faith in a World of Ideological Diversity
  • The Old Testament in the New: Advancing the Reformed Conviction of the Unity and Coherence of Scripture
  • Leadership Communication: Learning to Effectively Communicate in Diverse Cultural Settings
  • Counseling the Flock: Insights for Guiding the Sheep from the Biblically-Based Study of Counseling

Courses specifically for the Strengthening Pastoral Ministry concentration:

  • The Renewal of Preaching: Values, Insights, and Techniques for Preaching
  • Issues in Theology: Reformed Orthodoxy and Current Trends and Directions in Theological Studies
  • Biblical Worship: Recovering the Depth, Beauty, and Comprehensiveness of Worship Regulated by the Word of God

Courses specifically for the Strengthening Counseling Ministry concentration:

  • What is Man?
  • Medical and Legal Issues in Biblical Counseling
  • Counseling Practicum

Candidates for the Doctor of Ministry degree will complete a major project consisting of academic research in a specific area of study with plans for the implementation of the results of that research into the practice of pastoral ministry.

For more than 205 years, RPTS has been preparing pastors and other workers for service in Christ’s Kingdom. A seminary education should do more than inform you about theology. It should transform you for ministry.

For more information, contact the admissions office at [email protected], go to rpts.edu/academics.html, or call 412-731-6000.