Burke Care: Two ways we can help your Counseling Ministry

This sponsored post was provided by Burke Care which invites you to schedule care today with a certified biblical counselor.

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During the middle of COVID, Burke Counseling was launched with the simple goal of partnering with remote churches to provide online Biblical Counseling services for individuals and couples. Due to the pandemic, more people needed intentional care but couldn’t leave their homes. With a quick pivot to a home office business model we were able to continue to meet the increased demand. It has been a blessing to care for those who have been impacted by some of the toughest years many of us have experienced. Due to current cultural trends, we felt led to re-emphasize biblical language though a renewed vision as Burke Care.

Two ways Burke Care can help your ministry.

Provide Biblical Discipleship to your church members, staff, or community. Being able to disciple the Word and equipping others to disciple the Word has been a humbling and rich experience for us. Burke Care does not pretend to be “the” Biblical Discipleship and Equipping solution, but we may be “a” solution at this time and for a season. Ultimately, we want to bring glory to God which we know is for our ultimate good.  Our desire has been to have an eternal impact on the Biblical Counseling movement while utilizing the unique gifts that God has given us. At Burke Care, we have a desire to disciple others in the midst of their struggles and to meet with them where they are.

The value of Burke Care is rooted in the generosity of God, our hope in Jesus in community with one another.

Equip certified biblical counselors within your church and community. The Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) asked to partner with Burke Care to shepherd their online, self-paced students through Level 1 Certification training. This move reinforced the mission of Burke Care and increased our ability to bring biblical discipleship to remote parts of the English-speaking world. ABC certification can be done through an online regional cohort or through an online, self-paced course. Burke Care is prepared to work with you to discuss available options to get the best training solution in front of you. The ABC Level 1 Certification training, “Equipped to Counsel” authored by Dr. John Henderson, is designed to allow the counselor in training (CIT) to develop a biblical philosophy in the work of discipleship, gain an understanding of biblical counseling and acquire a basic understanding of the general and specific methods.

ABC exists to enlist, equip, enrich, and encourage people everywhere to live and disciple the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life.

  • ENLIST believers with a heart to grow in their knowledge of Scripture as it practically applies to the myriad of issues related to discipleship.

  • EQUIP the church and community by providing training and certification in the work of biblical discipleship.

  • ENRICH members by offering ongoing resources with a robust biblical worldview of people and their problems while promoting Scripture as the supreme source wherein healing truth may be found.

  • ENCOURAGE followers of Jesus Christ to know, cherish, and honor Him as they minister His Word to one another while supporting each other.

Virtual Training. The ABC Called to Counsel Conference will be held in Texas but is also now offering livestream. We are so excited to have Tim Challies as one of the keynote speakers and leading out on the grief track. The 2023 dates are Thursday, 4/27 through Saturday, 4/29. Attending this conference is another way to learn more about the role of Biblical Discipleship in the local church and how your church might benefit from this type of ministry.

To sign-up for the Called to Counsel Conference, you can go on-line and register at www.calledtocounsel.com.

Please consider how Burke Care and ABC can assist you and those around you with your Biblical Discipleship and Equipping needs. Email me at [email protected]