Why You Should Consider Attending Sing! 2020

This week’s sponsored post is to tell you about this summer’s Getty Music Sing! 2020 conference in Nashville, TN. Tickets are on sale now and early bird registration ends this weekend!

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This summer I will be speaking at the Getty Music Worship Conference Sing! 2020. This year’s theme will be singing the Scriptures and will include sessions led by Joni Eareckson Tada, John MacArthur, David Platt, H.B. Charles, and many more. There will be plenty of music, too, including concerts at the Grand Ole Opry and Bridgestone Arena where you’ll hear, among others, Shane & Shane, Andrew Peterson, CityAlight and, of course, the Getty’s tremendous band. While I obviously recommend this conference, I wanted to mention a few kinds of people who will benefit from it.

Pastors. As the one responsible to lead the church, it is ultimately the pastor who needs to understand why we worship and to understand how the Bible calls us to worship. As much as we speak of “worship leaders,” it is ultimately the pastor who bears the responsibility to lead the church in its worship. Pastors who attend Sing! 2020 will better understand God’s design for worship and the tremendous benefit of singing the Scriptures.

Worship Leaders. As those who worship from the front of the room, worship leaders have the special opportunity to bless God’s people by faithfully, humbly leading them. The special task of worship leaders is not to do the worship themselves, but to facilitate the worship of the congregation. This requires knowledge of the purpose of worship and the practice of worship—knowledge that will be taught in sessions at Sing! 2020 and be carefully modeled in the times of worship.

Songwriters. Christians sing! Of all the gifts God gives us in our salvation, surely among is the greatest is the blessing of being able to sing our praise to him. We are blessed with a great legacy of songs and are equally blessed to have so many today who are faithfully writing new songs. Christian songwriters will be challenged and equipped as they attend Sing! 2020, and perhaps especially as they attend songwriting workshops.

Musicians. Musicians play a key role in enabling God’s people to sing the great songs of the Christian faith. Christian musicians face the special challenge of growing in skill and employing that skill so they can help unskilled people sing. Musicians who attend Sing! 2020 will be able to learn from skilled musicians as they watch them perform and as they attend their workshops.

Church Members. Every Christian is given the honor and the responsibility of worshipping God. Every Christian who attends Sing! 2020 will be given the opportunity to actually worship as well as the opportunity to better understand why God requires worship of us. Though this is a conference that offers much to pastors, worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians, it is also a conference that offers many blessings to any Christian who attends.