New Visual Theology: Subway-Style Prints

Our collection of Visual Theology material continues to grow. Most recently we have added some beautiful and informational subway-style prints that may be of interest to you or to somebody on your holiday shopping list. There are three in the collection so far: Apostle’s Creed, Elder Qualifications, and Love Is.

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Apostle’s Creed. The Christian faith is essentially creedal. Since the earliest days, Christians have professed their faith in common creeds and none of these has proven more important than the Apostle’s Creed. First recited by Roman Christians in the 3rd century, it remains a key component of Christian worship here in the 21st-century. Through the ages and across denominations, it remains our common creed. This subway-style print displays the Apostle’s Creed in both English and the original Latin languages. (Learn more or buy it)

Elder Qualifications. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, those who serve God have been required to be set apart and specifically qualified for their ministry. In 1 Timothy 3, the apostle Paul lays out the qualifications to be an elder in the church. This list of attributes speaks directly to the character and integrity of the individual called to shepherd God’s flock. Hopefully we’ve created a print that any pastor would be proud to hang in his office or home, and would be helpful to remind him of the character traits God desires. (Learn more or buy it)

Love Is. In 1 John 14:6 we are told that God is love. It is a simple, yet profound statement that describes part of his nature and character. In 1 Corinthians 13 the Apostle Paul details this Christian character to the church and explains what it practically means to love like God loves. This subway-styled print puts on display a great reminder of how we can image the character of God to our families, friends, and neighbors. (Learn more or buy it)

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